Woopra – Live Web Analytics and More?

Woopra at ElasticLife.net

I got my Woopra private beta login today and I’m impressed!

Woopra is an installable (Windows, Linux and Mac) application that displays web site analytics in real time, like a real (and beautifully designed) web general’s HUD.

You see users popping up as they visit your web site and move from page to page, you can tag them (give them a name) and follow them over a series of sessions, and you can even message individual users.

Woopra options at ElasticLife.net

The way this works is that a small window pops up at the bottom of the user’s screen and you are able to chat with them LivePerson-style.

I’ve noticed that I can often see when a user gets stuck on a page and needs help … *HINT* ;)

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