Lose the shackles – Wii Remotes, Giant Slingshots and Pet 3d Scanners

I love what Johnny Lee is doing – having fun with all kinds of seemingly simple designs and sharing them with the world. Here is his TED presentation, definitely worth watching:

Johhny showed everyone that $40 and a creative mind can sometimes have far bigger an impact that what most large corporations can muster with their immense budgets.

Another fun project of his even involves elasticity – literally. He built a giant slingshot that allowed people to bombard a soon-to-be-demolished building with paint balloons. Simple and fun!

This reminded me of the 3 days I spent in my basement working on a rotating-table 3D scanner I would use to capture convex 3D shapes, just for fun.

I remember the thrill I felt when the thing actually started rotating the way I wanted it to rotate –

but like with a lot of other endeavors, other projects came and took the limelight, and what was meant to be fun actually soon became a burden.

And as time went on and more and more projects seemed to be the most important thing since landing on the moon, I suddenly realized –

Did any of these make me feel nearly as full as my own little thing? Not even close.

Of course, everybody needs to make a living, and childhood dreams and pet projects rarely pay for rent.

But in the end, these are what keeps you going and make you wake up in the morning motivated and with a smile on your face.

It’s time to lose or at least loosen the shackles of everyday life and start digging through the basement designs :).




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  • Jernej May 21, 2008 

    Very nice post – totaly agree with you! Let’s go underground:) BTW I have 2 of those controllers at home…

  • Tadej Gregorcic May 22, 2008 

    :) Yeah! I’d love to try those out

  • Jernej May 23, 2008 


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