The iPhone just got flatter

There have been a couple of significant developments recently concerning the iPhone.

The first was an official go-ahead from Apple for PhoneGap applications. This means that there is no doubt anymore that non-native HTML+CSS+Javascript interpreted on the phone with PhoneGap will not be frowned upon by the App Store review crew just because it’s Phonegap and not native.

I personally think that PhoneGap is an awesome tool (it lets you build apps for other platforms as well) and salute this decision. It allows companies like us to skip having everyone learn the (not too appealing) Objective C language and get great apps rolling much faster than usually – although we do still find ourselves hacking around the PG XCode project quite a lot at this stage.

The second news is concerning Flash. There has been much debate around the issue of the iPhone not supporting Flash applications in its browser, and this will likely stay so for a while.

However, Flash CS5 will let you build your existing application into a native iPhone binary without having to know any platform specifics at all.

Now this is big. The playing field for iPhone games just got leveled.

If the App Store has been flooded by games now, imagine what will happen once the booming Flash game bunch kicks in.

So far, what we’ve seen were mainly games made in Objective C and some made with Unity 3D or similar engines, and with the bar set that high, re-makes of the most mundane of classic game concepts were successful just because they were the first of their kind to make it to the platform.

But as the porting of Flash games to the phone becomes a matter of a few clicks, things will get different – being an Objective C guru is no longer a foot in the door and you are facing practically the same competition as  on the web.

So yeah – the (iPhone) world is now flat, but guess what – content is still King and having to make great games no matter who you’re up against is a good thing.

A win for the player and a win for creativity. Cheers!

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