Creativity and Allowing Mistakes

Every creative project I worked on had its share of mistakes. Fixing a mistake is usually hard on the team and expensive for the organization. This is why we as professionals have every reason to try and avoid making them. However, trying to avoid mistakes can make us afraid of testing new ideas and making decisions that could […]

The Unintuitive Aspects of Motivation

When work is more than rudimentary mechanical tasks, bigger rewards start having a negative effect on performance.

Creativity and Selling Focus

A beautiful talk by novelist Amy Tan, searching for the heart of the creative process in childhood tragedies and present-day uncertainties. Some thoughts: Nowadays, as Seth Godin describes in this post, “infinite” is everywhere. An infinite amount of choice pushes most of us into a shallower, best-seller driven reality.

A Man Of Good Elastic

The philosopher appeared in front of the Hotel Imperial and attracted a crowd by his actions. He removed his coat, folded it, laid it on the sidewalk, placed his hat upon it; then he drew a small rubber band from his pocket. He broke the circle with his fingers, and, stretching the elastic to its […]