Six Degrees of Self-Expression

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If you are an early adopter like me, you are probably struggling with all the means of communication and self-expression currently available.

At the moment, I’m using the following tools, each of them scratches a specific itch:

1. Instant Messaging Windows Live Messenger, Skype

2. Asynchronous Targeted Messaging E-mail, Pownce, Facebook, Myspace (ugh)

3. Asynchronous Disorganized Self-Expression Pownce, Jaiku, Twitter, Facebook

4. Organized Publishing My blogs

5. Presence LinkedIn (professional), Facebook (personal), Myspace (bleh)

6. Loopback Publishing + Tumblr, combined with Google Reader (subscribing to my own feeds)

I’m speculating here, but I expect/hope this list to boil down to the following over the next 2-5 years:

*UPDATE* Using acronyms to make the post look less crappy with this theme (hopefully ;))

1. IM Windows Live Messenger, Skype, SMS

2. ATM E-mail, Pownce, Facebook, Myspace (ugh)

3. ADSE Pownce, Jaiku, Twitter, Facebook

4. OP My blogs

5. P LinkedIn (professional), Facebook (personal), Myspace (ugh)

6. LBP + Tumblr, combined with Google Reader (subscribing to my own feeds) Pownce

So … This would leave Pownce, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs.

What do you think?

This is a place where we could communicate

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  • Ajda August 8, 2007 

    Khm… I’m not pretty sure about Skype, is there any special reason you wrote off this interface?

  • David August 8, 2007 

    You like Pownce that much? Pownce may be the latest trend, but E-mail is forever :) of course usage of email will be limiting towards zero, but never reaching it.

    Facebook is well thought out and I think it’s worth thinking about how you build a network.. you want it neatly organized :) I do at least.

    MySpace is an ugly mess for “less demanding” customers.

    But who knows…. what matters the most is that we’re having phun.

  • Tadej Gregorcic August 11, 2007 


    thanks for the comments.

    I didn’t write anything off, but Skype is basically one of the de facto standards facilitating accessible AV communications nowadays, and I expect it to melt into a single pool of voice/video networks that is hidden from the end-user by a new layer of abstraction.

    Pownce … yes … I did shoot off a wild one there.

    There are 2 competitors in its field, at least to my knowledge (Jaiku and Twitter), and the latter seems to be far ahead, especially with all the mash-ups floating around the web (and the fact that Evan Williams does have significant experience and VC backing).

    But Twitter was not the first (Dodgeball), and won’t be the last in this field either.

    As the shock wave is moving up the generation scale and more and more non-teens are reaching the openness levels required for such a service to be relevant, the requirements are changing and value-add features are becoming increasingly important.

    I think that Pownce has made (or is making) a solid step into the field and is covering just the right demographic to get enough momentum to steer ahead eventually (given that Kevin Rose & co. don’t screw up :)).

    I like the fact that it prefers “friends” over “followers”, I like the file sharing feature, and I do think that the advantages gained through Adobe AIR support are going to make a difference in the future …


  • baby June 20, 2008 

    Nice website!!

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