Recommended Business Books

Here are some recommendations from the last couple of months:

Malcolm Gladwell: Blink
About “the power of thinking without thinking”, an excellent read about the decisive first few moments of looking. Available at Audible (audio book).

Fisher, Ury, Patton: Getting To Yes
A really good book on negotiation – getting the other party to agree without being at an unfair disadvantage that could haunt you later. Also available as audio.

Malcolm Gladwell: The Tipping Point
Good marketing read about how little things usually make a huge difference. Also at Audible.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: The Black Swan
Fairly entertaining read about the impact of the highly improbable. Summary: Gaussian distribution sux for most cases. The ideas Taleb describes are interesting and useful, but DO NOT get the audio book as, adding to the writer’s very noticeable self-confidence, the narrator makes the whole thing sound terribly big-headed. I later heard Taleb speak at a conference and I was shocked at how nice the guy actually sounded :).

Buckingham, Coffman: First, Break All The Rules
Great book on effective management.

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