Phoenix Mars Landing Live

In about 5 minutes, Mars lander Phoenix is going to attempt to land on the surface of Mars.
The event is being broadcast live at a number of museum events and at NASA TV here.

Here is a live blog from mission control (also following @MarsPhoenix on Twitter).

*just entered the atmosphere*

It’s exciting to watch this in real-time – it’s sad that space exploration gets so little mainstream attention nowadays.

* altitude 1700 meters … altitude 1000 meters … altitude 150 meters … altitude 80 meters … altitude 15 meters *

Everybody is on their toes …

* touchdown * * cheering *

Apparently, the landing was a success! Congratulations!

Now everybody is waiting for the solar arrays to be deployed and if this goes well, the mission that the NASA team worked on for 5 years will be a success.

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