Odiogo Turns A Blog Into A Podcast

Of course there is more to a podcast than just words turned into audio (as you can clearly discover by listening to these fine examples) –

but Odiogo does a very good job of creating MP3 versions of your blog posts and posting them for your readers to play – either on the website itself or as a podcast on their iPods (or similar devices).

I waste far less time going through my podcasts while jogging or driving than reading through the rest of the RSS feeds I subscribe to, therefore I’d love to see this feature on other blogs as well.

If you click on listen now on top of this post, you’ll hear what it sounds like.

The text-to-speech conversion is quite good (with very few blunders) with a relatively natural flow and a pleasant voice you (hopefully) won’t get tired of very quickly.

However, as I often post videos of interesting lectures or presentations here, I’d also love it if Odiogo could insert the audio from these videos into the podcast (and not skip them over like any other graphic element).

I accept that this is not a trivial job (and it would definitely require a lot more CPU power and temporary storage), but it would still make life significantly easier ;).

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