Learning Swedish – The Cheap And Easy Way

Learn Swedish - Lär dig svenska

I’ve always been fascinated with this sleek and elegant language.

Luckily, there is an abundance of resources online to fast-forward a learner’s acquisition process.

As with any other language, I’d promote the following steps:

  1. Start with an introductory course and get to know the basic grammar and pronunciation
  2. Next, get a Swedish children’s book (e.g. this) and read it a couple of times using a dictionary
  3. Get some Swedish friends online and practice your conversation skills
  4. Watch a good Swedish film (e.g. Ondskan) – start slowly, Swedish pronunciation is the tricky part
  5. Spend some time in Sweden
  6. Get free Swedish books online and read them side-by-side with their English counterparts
  7. Listen to Swedish podcasts, watch Swedish news, watch Swedish TV channels

A quick list of resources:

Anyway, låt mig veta hur det går! :)

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  • Tadej Gregorcic July 29, 2007 

    More tips:

  • Steve Kaufmann January 19, 2008 

    Hi Tadej,

    Thanks for mentioning me. I agree that Swedish is an elegant language. We have even started some Swedish language podcasts, only 3 but we will put up more. So come and have a look at what we are doing. And one day I want to learn your language which I imagine is from somewhere near the Adriatic.

  • Tadej Gregorcic January 19, 2008 

    Hi Steve,

    I listened to one of those the other day while jogging.
    I think it is definitely a good idea and I would love to
    see and hear more –

    I believe such tools and resources that help make language
    learning as “on-the-fly” as possible will greatly reduce
    the amount of procrastination most of us fall back to after
    a while (I expressed some thoughts on this subject in this post).

    I have seen the list of languages you are learning and Slovenian
    is quite akin to Russian, grammar-wise (with quite interesting
    semi-artificial attempts to resist assimilation in the form of
    certain vocabulary subsets and conservative grammar).

    I am currently working on Spanish, Finnish and Mandarin, and
    I have set a goal for myself to become fluent in two of them within
    a year.

    Lingq sounds interesting, I will
    give it a shot to see if we can get along :).


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