Fun vs. Focus

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of focus.

Focus on one thing, be persistent, and you will succeed.

But succeed in what? In making yourself an expert in one field whilst growing completely oblivious to all the other interesting things life has to offer?

Well … to some extent, yes.

Focus is when you stop looking at everything that interests you and constantly struggles to draw your attention.

Focus is when you shoot like a laser beam towards the goal in front of you. The goal that, naturally, was set before the shot. And a goal that might, when you have finally reached it, have become outdated …

Cannon man

This is why even those who do focus have to constantly be on the lookout for change and must devote at least a bit of their attention to whatever else lies out there.

So what stops them from going after one of those other distractions, some of them maybe a hundred times more promising that the goal at hand? What gives them the confidence and, yes, the right to abandon what life has in store for them?

People who know me will say that I’m all over the place. And I love it … I enjoy life and I love diversity. I would go to considerable lengths to keep the balance between all the things I’m fond of, all the things that are keeping me afloat.

I’m always curious and in pursuit of experience … wondering about the impact that different roles and situations may have on me, my life and my emotions … How a particular role would make me feel.

So … how does it feel to shoot out like a laser beam?

Well … I guess I’m about to find out …

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