Elroy And The Aliens

At Motiviti, we are finally announcing Elroy And The Aliens – our boldest project so far.
An adventure game with a humorous plot, fun puzzles and a pinch of action.

Elroy_And_The_Aliens_07 (1)

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Also, you can follow us on Twitter at @elroythegame.

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  • Jose December 13, 2015 

    Like you I loved the Jetson’s for the the tech stuff more then the cartoon isltef. The flying cars always amazed me and honestly I never thought I had a chance of living long enough to ever see it. Now I think more and more things are possible but I dont really know if it is a good idea.As for me the two things I would love to see is being able to transfer from place to place like on Star Trek and the computers that were on Minority Report!

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