Disqus Lets The Conversation Flow

I’ve just added the Disqus WordPress plugin to this blog.

Disqus is an interesting application that lets visitors track replies to comments via RSS and even take the conversations across multiple blogs, following trackbacks to your posts and their respective commenters.

Here is my discussion page.

I love the idea as a lot of popular blogs suffer from communication blockage – e.g., if you write a great post that’s linked by a renowned site, chances are that the bulk of the conversation will be taken out at the other site and your commenters will have no chance of joining in.

With Disqus, we are getting a new level of abstraction (similar to what FriendFeed is doing with Twitter & co.) to everyone’s advantage.

The only drawback some might notice is that the comments are hosted at disqus.com – I don’t care, but I can imagine some people could …

I hope this service takes off as it should – being backed by prominent VC’s will surely help :).

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