Creativity and Selling Focus

A beautiful talk by novelist Amy Tan, searching for the heart of the creative process in childhood tragedies and present-day uncertainties.

Some thoughts:

Nowadays, as Seth Godin describes in this post, “infinite” is everywhere.

An infinite amount of choice pushes most of us into a shallower, best-seller driven reality.

But the infinite also gives rise to increasing levels of uncertainty. Uncertainty that can well sprout a new type of creativity that helps us deal with the vast onslaught of choice.

A comedian once said that the brain is not what helps us gather information. That in the beginning, human beings know everything, and the brain is the filter that lets through only the relevant parts.

Well – maybe not quite – but I would say it is likely that the next couple of Googles are going to be of the filtering kind.

We’re facing an infinite opportunity of selling – focus.

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