Base URL in ASP.Net MVC3 / Razor

If you are doing AJAX calls inside a MVC3 applications (with Razor), you will frequently need to know the base URL of the site. Especially if you are using non-standard port numbers, using Request.Url.Authority appears like a good lead at first.

5 Google Wave Invites Left

I have a couple of Google Wave invites left, so let me know if you need one. Although it still has a long way to go before you will want to use it on a daily basis (for one thing, it is slow), Wave is probably going to be an important communication and collaboration tool […]

Drupal Published Date equals Effective Date fix

We have a gaming site where the node creation date is irrelevant to the user as they only see it once it is published by our moderators. Surprisingly, there is no “published on” date in the original Drupal database, so the Views can only sort by the mysterious “created on” date. As I didn’t want […]

Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

The days started early today at the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin – Robert and I are currently at Dion Hinchcliffe’s workshop on Building Successful Web 2.0 Applications. You can follow my tweets from the event on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tadej (hash tag #web20expo). Some other tags from the event: *update* #w2eb now seems to be […]

Don’t Fire The Translator … Yet

Despite a myriad of translation engines and web sites, human translation is still a very important job that requires a lot of experience and knowledge to be done properly. It’s not just the language. No-one in their right mind should tackle e.g. legal or technical translations if they’ve never worked in any of the fields […]

Woopra – Live Web Analytics and More?

I got my Woopra private beta login today and I’m impressed! Woopra is an installable (Windows, Linux and Mac) application that displays web site analytics in real time, like a real (and beautifully designed) web general’s HUD.


Image via Wikipedia Since Montenegro‘s independence and the news of the highly lucrative .me top-level domain name assignation, a lot of people have been standing in line in hope that they’d be able to register their kiss.me, sex.me, call.me, find.me and whatnot.me domains. Go home, people – GoDaddy‘s got the contract with the government of […]

SocNets – Ending The Schizophrenia

| View | Upload your own A nice presentation throwing out a couple of ideas of how social networks are likely to interoperate in the near future.

Apache+MySQL+PHP on Vista/XP in 3 minutes

I’ve just installed XAMPP 1.6.5 for Windows for PHP development on my Vista machine.It only takes a couple of minutes to get it all up and running with the installation wizard and you get: Apache HTTPD 2.2.6 + Openssl 0.9.8g MySQL 5.0.51 PHP 5.2.5 PHP 4.4.7 phpMyAdmin 2.11.3 FileZilla FTP Server 0.9.24 Mercury Mail Transport […]

Amazon S3 and Flash widgets

Today, I wanted to load a Flash widget of mine and its corresponding XML configuration file to Amazon S3. What appeared to be a trivial task turned into 3 hours of struggle with browser cache problems, security issues and other whatnots. So to summarise what did the job eventually: *updated to support IE7* The address […]

Move Your Multimedia Content to S3

In order to save me some trouble from my hosting provider, I recently decided to move all my multimedia content to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service. Scalable and affordable serving of large files to an expanding number of visitors indeed has become a commodity, as a GB of storage per month costs only $0.15, with $0.18 […]

Choose The Right Fonts

This cool web app lets you compare 3 columns of text side-by-side using the types you choose. This could come quite handy when developing the CSS for a new web site.

Loading Animation Generator For AJAX Apps

If you’re looking for cool GIF animations for your AJAX-powered web application, this site does it all for you. It’s got a nice interface where you can choose the type and color of the animation, and you can even make it transparent. I’m definitely going to use this for a while, at least until something […]