Exporting tasks from Basecamp to Trello

After using Basecamp Classic for years, our team needed something fresh. We had just come from an all-day test session that resulted in 200+ new tasks, and I started looking around for something visual, fast and with a good API. We opted for Trello after some fruitful Twitter research and tests. Getting data out of Basecamp Classic is pretty […]

Pull your act together

I have used a couple of good tools for both personal and professional organization during the last couple of years. If you’re organizing work in a small company, a single project, a sports team, conferences, pub crawls or just yourself, some of the tools below might come in handy.

Six Degrees of Self-Expression

Image via Wikipedia If you are an early adopter like me, you are probably struggling with all the means of communication and self-expression currently available. At the moment, I’m using the following tools, each of them scratches a specific itch: 1. Instant Messaging Windows Live Messenger, Skype 2. Asynchronous Targeted Messaging E-mail, Pownce, Facebook, Myspace […]