Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

The days started early today at the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin – Robert and I are currently at Dion Hinchcliffe’s workshop on Building Successful Web 2.0 Applications. You can follow my tweets from the event on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tadej (hash tag #web20expo). Some other tags from the event: *update* #w2eb now seems to be […]

Disqus Lets The Conversation Flow

I’ve just added the Disqus WordPress plugin to this blog. Disqus is an interesting application that lets visitors track replies to comments via RSS and even take the conversations across multiple blogs, following trackbacks to your posts and their respective commenters. Here is my discussion page.

Web.Start in Zagreb

Last Friday, I was at the 2nd Web.Start conference organized by Initium in Zagreb (Croatia). Like last year, the two main themes were technology and business. Although I only attended the biz part (day two), there was a lot of opportunity to meet interesting techies, entrepreneurs and VC‘s active in this region – and of […]

A Man Of Good Elastic

The philosopher appeared in front of the Hotel Imperial and attracted a crowd by his actions. He removed his coat, folded it, laid it on the sidewalk, placed his hat upon it; then he drew a small rubber band from his pocket. He broke the circle with his fingers, and, stretching the elastic to its […]

Recommended Business Books

Here are some recommendations from the last couple of months: Malcolm Gladwell: Blink About “the power of thinking without thinking”, an excellent read about the decisive first few moments of looking. Available at Audible (audio book). Fisher, Ury, Patton: Getting To Yes A really good book on negotiation – getting the other party to agree […]


Image via Wikipedia Since Montenegro‘s independence and the news of the highly lucrative .me top-level domain name assignation, a lot of people have been standing in line in hope that they’d be able to register their kiss.me, sex.me, call.me, find.me and whatnot.me domains. Go home, people – GoDaddy‘s got the contract with the government of […]

The Importance Of Design

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The Blue Ocean Value Curve

* I have recently noticed that this post has come to rank quite highly in Google and thus felt I needed to add some clarification, given the fact that a lot of readers do not seem to have understood the underlying sarcasm and the message it is trying to convey. This blog is aimed towards […]

Bullshit Marketing

After having read (or rather, listened to) Blue Ocean Strategy, I want to go out and buy one of these:

Technology’s Long Tail

A great talk about the long tail of technology – it’s not always paramount to be able to capture the biggest and the meanest of customers – success often lies in tapping the heterogeneous “rest of the crowd”. Related articles There’s No Money In The Long Tail of the Blogosphere [via Zemanta] The Birth of the […]

Ambush Journalism in Davos

At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, the (in-)famous blogger Robert Scoble was walking around with a Nokia camera phone doing impromptu interviews with people like Marc Benioff, Tim O’Reilly and Rick Warren (who runs the largest church in the US, btw) and streaming the videos live to Qik. […]

Podcasts I Would Recommend

Image via Wikipedia In the past couple of years, I have stumbled upon a series of useful podcasts I listen to more or less regularly. Below is a list of the ones I have found most useful. 1. Technology Hanselminutes – a great software development podcast by Scott Hanselman (focusing on MS technologies) TWiT – […]