Does Clusivity Affect the Way We Think?

English, like most languages across Europe and Africa, lacks what linguists call clusivity, the distinction between inclusive and exclusive first-person pronouns. When you say “We are going to a bar later tonight” in English, the person you are talking to doesn’t know whether the we includes them or not. At least not without additional context. In contrast, […]

Endangered Languages & Technology

My TEDxLJ talk from last November on the relationship between language endangerment and mainstream language technology

Slides from my TEDx talk

I had the privilege to give a talk at the second TEDxLjubljana, themed language & communication. My talk touches upon the latest developments in mainstream language technology and how all of this matters to “minor” languages. View more presentations from Tadej Gregorcic. In 100 years, language economics indicates that up to 90% of currently spoken […]

Don’t Fire The Translator … Yet

Despite a myriad of translation engines and web sites, human translation is still a very important job that requires a lot of experience and knowledge to be done properly. It’s not just the language. No-one in their right mind should tackle e.g. legal or technical translations if they’ve never worked in any of the fields […]

Phoenix Mars Landing Live

In about 5 minutes, Mars lander Phoenix is going to attempt to land on the surface of Mars. The event is being broadcast live at a number of museum events and at NASA TV here. Here is a live blog from mission control (also following @MarsPhoenix on Twitter).

Language Learning in 2010

Image via Wikipedia I’ve just received another newsletter from Transparent Language advertising their Video Immersion Software and it got me thinking. I’ve always been very interested in language learning and finding new ways of doing it more effectively. What I currently see as the main issues of this increasingly important process are: Time consumption – […]

Learning A Language With The Bible

Image via Wikipedia A while ago, when I was beginning my struggle with Finnish, I found it quite difficult to find translations online, since Finnish is a highly inflected language and word roots are not easy to identify for a beginner. After having googled enough Finnish words, I was starting to see a possibility – […]

Learning Swedish – The Cheap And Easy Way

I’ve always been fascinated with this sleek and elegant language. Luckily, there is an abundance of resources online to fast-forward a learner’s acquisition process. As with any other language, I’d promote the following steps: Start with an introductory course and get to know the basic grammar and pronunciation Next, get a Swedish children’s book (e.g. […]