The Magical 10k Hours

In his latest book (Outliers), Malcolm Gladwell argues that if you want to really master something (e.g. playing guitar, programming, playing golf), there is a high probability that the number of hours you will need to invest into it will revolve around 10,000.

A Thousand Splendid Reasons For Audiobooks

Image via Wikipedia How many books do you read per month nowadays? Two? One? Half a book? If you’re a busy professional, perhaps not even that? I’ve always found reading to be an essential part of personal development. Not blogs – I mean the normal, in-depth, catch every word – not just the headlines – […]

Recommended Business Books

Here are some recommendations from the last couple of months: Malcolm Gladwell: Blink About “the power of thinking without thinking”, an excellent read about the decisive first few moments of looking. Available at Audible (audio book). Fisher, Ury, Patton: Getting To Yes A really good book on negotiation – getting the other party to agree […]

The Blue Ocean Value Curve

* I have recently noticed that this post has come to rank quite highly in Google and thus felt I needed to add some clarification, given the fact that a lot of readers do not seem to have understood the underlying sarcasm and the message it is trying to convey. This blog is aimed towards […]

Bullshit Marketing

After having read (or rather, listened to) Blue Ocean Strategy, I want to go out and buy one of these: