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Source: WikipediaToday, our friends at Zemanta launched their blogging engine plug-in that finds related pictures and articles while you’re typing a new post.

This is my first “zemified” (as they call it) post, so let me try and include some meat and let the semantic magic do the slicing. I’m a little bit disappointed that no steaks appeared in the picture gallery as I typed “meat”. Or it’s the other way around, and the semantics go deeep :).

Anyway, there seems to be a lot of work behind all of this and I think it brings good value to bloggers – although I would love their technology to be used for more projects like Odprti kop. But! Life in a startup is hard and you have to focus. This is what Boštjan (one of the founders) wrote about startups the other day:

The last time I was explaining to a girl friend about the crazy working hours in a startup, occasional adrenalin rushes, beating the competition, irregular sleep and regular food, important life lessons learned and lack of women in the process, she replied simply: “Well, guys used to go to the army, now you go to a startup.

This post is killing me :). But I couldn’t agree more and I can totally relate as we are currently going through similar times with Motiviti and Surphone.

Too bad I couldn’t make it to their launch party today, good luck, guys!

Now I’m trying to get a really cool picture to pop up, but all I keep getting is a four-leaf clover and some other crazy stuff. Hmmm … let me try. Sexy twins. Sunshine love. Driving through Vegas in an old Camino. Naked girl. There you go! :)

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