Perfect Background Music for Coding

Image via Wikipedia Buddha Bar on Last.fm – I find this channel pretty nice for coding or design.

Fring – Skype on your mobile

I’ve just made my first call using Skype on Fring with my good old Nokia N70. Apart from a < 1 second latency, it seems to work fine! Fring is a mobile application that integrates services such as  Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, and SIP, giving you a chance to use your mobile to […]

Fun vs. Focus

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of focus. Focus on one thing, be persistent, and you will succeed. But succeed in what? In making yourself an expert in one field whilst growing completely oblivious to all the other interesting things life has to offer? Well … to some extent, yes. Focus […]

Pownce Invitations

I still have 9 invitations left … anyone?

Ballooning Over Sevnica

I spent the weekend at a permaculture farm near Sevnica, owned by my friend and colleague Borut. On Sunday, we had a picnic party with some interesting guests, including Borut’s friend Srečo and his son, who own a hot air balloon. They were kind enough to give us a lift – unfortunately the bad weather […]

Six Degrees of Self-Expression

Image via Wikipedia If you are an early adopter like me, you are probably struggling with all the means of communication and self-expression currently available. At the moment, I’m using the following tools, each of them scratches a specific itch: 1. Instant Messaging Windows Live Messenger, Skype 2. Asynchronous Targeted Messaging E-mail, Pownce, Facebook, Myspace […]

Where will smokers smoke?

So it’s happening. On August 5th, it will be illegal to smoke inside public buildings (except for psychiatric hospitals and some other happy places), bars and restaurants (except inside fish tanks) in Slovenia. I quit smoking in 2005, but I can’t help but feel some compassion. Around a quarter of people smoke in Slovenia, and […]

Learning A Language With The Bible

Image via Wikipedia A while ago, when I was beginning my struggle with Finnish, I found it quite difficult to find translations online, since Finnish is a highly inflected language and word roots are not easy to identify for a beginner. After having googled enough Finnish words, I was starting to see a possibility – […]

Learning Swedish – The Cheap And Easy Way

I’ve always been fascinated with this sleek and elegant language. Luckily, there is an abundance of resources online to fast-forward a learner’s acquisition process. As with any other language, I’d promote the following steps: Start with an introductory course and get to know the basic grammar and pronunciation Next, get a Swedish children’s book (e.g. […]

Choose The Right Fonts

This cool web app lets you compare 3 columns of text side-by-side using the types you choose. This could come quite handy when developing the CSS for a new web site.

Loading Animation Generator For AJAX Apps

If you’re looking for cool GIF animations for your AJAX-powered web application, this site does it all for you. It’s got a nice interface where you can choose the type and color of the animation, and you can even make it transparent. I’m definitely going to use this for a while, at least until something […]

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