Time stands still in Vista

True in so many ways …

Web.Start in Zagreb

Last Friday, I was at the 2nd Web.Start conference organized by Initium in Zagreb (Croatia). Like last year, the two main themes were technology and business. Although I only attended the biz part (day two), there was a lot of opportunity to meet interesting techies, entrepreneurs and VC‘s active in this region – and of […]

Pangea Day Ljubljana

Pangea Day is A Global Film Event Harnessing the Power of Film to Inspire and Compel Social Change. It will take place on May 10th simultaneously in 180 different locations all over the world and the web. The event in Ljubljana will start at 20h and is organized by YES. I’m looking forward to 4 […]

A Man Of Good Elastic

The philosopher appeared in front of the Hotel Imperial and attracted a crowd by his actions. He removed his coat, folded it, laid it on the sidewalk, placed his hat upon it; then he drew a small rubber band from his pocket. He broke the circle with his fingers, and, stretching the elastic to its […]

Cognitive Surplus

You must read this brilliant post by Clay Shirky: http://www.herecomeseverybody.org/2008/04/looking-for-the-mouse.html. *update on May 15, 2008 – video, hat-tip to Dean* The bottom line: in the early phases of the industrial revolution, with the rise of accelerated urbanization, people (esp. in London) didn’t know what to do with the newly acquired “civic surplus” – and they […]

Kindergarden Teachers Know

Clifford Stoll is an astronomer who helped capture a notorious KGB hacker and who spends his afternoons making zero-volume (Klein) bottles.

Recommended Business Books

Here are some recommendations from the last couple of months: Malcolm Gladwell: Blink About “the power of thinking without thinking”, an excellent read about the decisive first few moments of looking. Available at Audible (audio book). Fisher, Ury, Patton: Getting To Yes A really good book on negotiation – getting the other party to agree […]

Blogging with Zemanta

Source: WikipediaToday, our friends at Zemanta launched their blogging engine plug-in that finds related pictures and articles while you’re typing a new post. This is my first “zemified” (as they call it) post, so let me try and include some meat and let the semantic magic do the slicing. I’m a little bit disappointed that […]


Image via Wikipedia Since Montenegro‘s independence and the news of the highly lucrative .me top-level domain name assignation, a lot of people have been standing in line in hope that they’d be able to register their kiss.me, sex.me, call.me, find.me and whatnot.me domains. Go home, people – GoDaddy‘s got the contract with the government of […]

Visual and Creative Thinking

| View | Upload your own What We Learned From Peter Pan and Willy Wonka

The Importance Of Design

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SocNets – Ending The Schizophrenia

| View | Upload your own A nice presentation throwing out a couple of ideas of how social networks are likely to interoperate in the near future.

Mobile Apps – The Shit Hits The Fan

Mobile application development is finally going where it belongs – six feet under. For years now, the mobile phone industry has been evolving into an unmanageable stinking blob. A plethora of incompatible platforms, each of them with its own set of unsolvable issues, hilarious hardware combinations (e.g. the absence of bluetooth on teenager phones to […]

Mr. Drnovšek, Rest in Peace

He was a great politician and a man of noble ideas and actions.