Drupal Published Date equals Effective Date fix

We have a gaming site where the node creation date is irrelevant to the user as they only see it once it is published by our moderators. Surprisingly, there is no “published on” date in the original Drupal database, so the Views can only sort by the mysterious “created on” date. As I didn’t want […]

10,000 Reasons To Focus

I wanted to share Steward Brand‘s talk on The Long Now Foundation‘s ambitious project to build a clock that will be able to hold accurate time every single day for the next 10,000 years. Far from being a mere engineering gimmick, the project entails the design of a unique and memorable experience during the ascent […]

Best Obama Picture Ever

A very cute Obama picture that says it all.

Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

The days started early today at the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin – Robert and I are currently at Dion Hinchcliffe’s workshop on Building Successful Web 2.0 Applications. You can follow my tweets from the event on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tadej (hash tag #web20expo). Some other tags from the event: *update* #w2eb now seems to be […]

Don’t Fire The Translator … Yet

Despite a myriad of translation engines and web sites, human translation is still a very important job that requires a lot of experience and knowledge to be done properly. It’s not just the language. No-one in their right mind should tackle e.g. legal or technical translations if they’ve never worked in any of the fields […]

A Thousand Splendid Reasons For Audiobooks

Image via Wikipedia How many books do you read per month nowadays? Two? One? Half a book? If you’re a busy professional, perhaps not even that? I’ve always found reading to be an essential part of personal development. Not blogs – I mean the normal, in-depth, catch every word – not just the headlines – […]

Genes, Memes and Teme Machines

An absolutely fascinating talk by Susan Blackmore about memes and “temes” and the way they control our everyday life by “having” to survive. A must-see.

Woopra – Live Web Analytics and More?

I got my Woopra private beta login today and I’m impressed! Woopra is an installable (Windows, Linux and Mac) application that displays web site analytics in real time, like a real (and beautifully designed) web general’s HUD.

Odiogo Turns A Blog Into A Podcast

Of course there is more to a podcast than just words turned into audio (as you can clearly discover by listening to these fine examples) – but Odiogo does a very good job of creating MP3 versions of your blog posts and posting them for your readers to play – either on the website itself […]

Phoenix Mars Landing Live

In about 5 minutes, Mars lander Phoenix is going to attempt to land on the surface of Mars. The event is being broadcast live at a number of museum events and at NASA TV here. Here is a live blog from mission control (also following @MarsPhoenix on Twitter).

Disqus Lets The Conversation Flow

I’ve just added the Disqus WordPress plugin to this blog. Disqus is an interesting application that lets visitors track replies to comments via RSS and even take the conversations across multiple blogs, following trackbacks to your posts and their respective commenters. Here is my discussion page.

An Elastic Flash Game

Sling Jumper – an ingeniously simple and effective Flash game concept. Crappy graphics, no sound and zero story line – but certainly great gameplay. Use LEFT and RIGHT to move the ball bouncing off the elastics.

WordPress 2.5.1 Flash Image Upload Error

I just finished setting up WordPress 2.5.1 for a friend and as it took me 1 hour to figure out a weird file upload issue, I thought I’d make it easier for you.

Lose the shackles – Wii Remotes, Giant Slingshots and Pet 3d Scanners

I love what Johnny Lee is doing – having fun with all kinds of seemingly simple designs and sharing them with the world. Here is his TED presentation, definitely worth watching: Johhny showed everyone that $40 and a creative mind can sometimes have far bigger an impact that what most large corporations can muster with […]

Creativity and Selling Focus

A beautiful talk by novelist Amy Tan, searching for the heart of the creative process in childhood tragedies and present-day uncertainties. Some thoughts: Nowadays, as Seth Godin describes in this post, “infinite” is everywhere. An infinite amount of choice pushes most of us into a shallower, best-seller driven reality.