The Unintuitive Aspects of Motivation

When work is more than rudimentary mechanical tasks, bigger rewards start having a negative effect on performance.

Endangered Languages & Technology

My TEDxLJ talk from last November on the relationship between language endangerment and mainstream language technology

Game Design For a Better World

Watch this amazing TED talk by Jane McGonigal (@avantgame) on how game design can change the world.

GDC 2010 & the Flash Gaming Summit

We will be at the Game Developers Conference 2010 and the Flash Gaming Summit (March 7-15 in San Francisco).

Unity Developer Resources

Unity developer resources and slides from my ITShowOff presentation, with focus on casual and social games.

Top 10 Science Fiction Audio Books

My top 10 list of science fiction books with great audio versions (some even with multiple narrators and music)

Mini Seedcamp Zagreb

The deadline to apply for Mini Seedcamp Zagreb is fast approaching. This is a great opportunity for startups.

WordPress Timezone Exception Fix/Hack

For some reason , all of a sudden Wordpress installations start displaying a weird exception in options general

Play Our 3-minute Xmas Minigame

Instead of the usual holiday greeting card, we decided to make a small 3-minute minigame to help you feel more christmassy

Slides from my TEDx talk

I had the privilege to give a talk at the second TEDxLjubljana, themed language & communication. My talk touches upon the latest developments in mainstream language technology and how all of this matters to “minor” languages. View more presentations from Tadej Gregorcic. In 100 years, language economics indicates that up to 90% of currently spoken […]

5 Google Wave Invites Left

I have a couple of Google Wave invites left, so let me know if you need one. Although it still has a long way to go before you will want to use it on a daily basis (for one thing, it is slow), Wave is probably going to be an important communication and collaboration tool […]

The iPhone just got flatter

There have been a couple of significant developments recently concerning the iPhone.

Casual Connect and Social Games Love

Love is the most important metric says @sebdeh of Playfish. And according to Zynga general manager Roy Sehgal, the number of players returning regularly (and not play time) is the metric that most closely correlates to a social game’s suitability for monetization.

The Magical 10k Hours

In his latest book (Outliers), Malcolm Gladwell argues that if you want to really master something (e.g. playing guitar, programming, playing golf), there is a high probability that the number of hours you will need to invest into it will revolve around 10,000.

It’s time for constructive introspection

A powerful video drawing parallels between the development of a human fetus from conception to birth and the entire course of our evolution, right up to a version of the proverbial nuclear demise. Especially during times when things are not so dandy for a lot of people and resources are short, these images should inspire […]