Slides from CEGC 2016

I recently spoke about adventure games at the Central European Games Conference (CEGC) in Vienna, focusing on narrative and design. You can download the raw slides here.

Adventure Games – Design and Development Lessons Learned Talk from SGC 2015

My talk from the Slovenian Games Conference 2015 is now online. It covers lessons learned from the last 2 years of working on our adventure game Elroy and the Aliens. Sorry for the poor audio quality – the slides are posted below and downloadable on Slideshare.

Slovenian Games Conference 2015

I’m currently working on my talk for  SGC 2015 about “The Ins and Outs of Adventure Game Development”. The first Slovenian Games Conference will take place on September 26, 2015 at FRI in Ljubljana. SGC organizers expect around 300 international attendants from the region. Attendance is free of charge, but seating is limited, so anyone interested should […]

Support Elroy on Steam Greenlight

We want to bring Elroy and the Aliens to Steam (Mac, Linux, Windows). But first, we have to be greenlit by the community. Seeing all the positive comments and votes over the last few days has been amazing! More pressure to deliver, but super encouraging :). If you are a Steam user and like point-and-click adventure games […]

Top 10 Modern Adventure Games

I grew up with classic Sierra and LucasArts adventure games. I started playing them when I was six and we didn’t have English yet in school. As a result, much of my initial vocabulary was seeded by text-input games like Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry 1. Believe it or not, “use rubber” was one […]

Creativity and Allowing Mistakes

Every creative project I worked on had its share of mistakes. Fixing a mistake is usually hard on the team and expensive for the organization. This is why we as professionals have every reason to try and avoid making them. However, trying to avoid mistakes can make us afraid of testing new ideas and making decisions that could […]

Virtual D-Pads suck

If you have a game for a device that doesn’t have any physical controls, the touch screen itself should be an asset, not a problem.

Elroy and the Aliens: First Teaser Video

Here is the first teaser video for our upcoming adventure game Elroy and the Aliens. Official website: http://elroythegame.com

Exporting tasks from Basecamp to Trello

After using Basecamp Classic for years, our team needed something fresh. We had just come from an all-day test session that resulted in 200+ new tasks, and I started looking around for something visual, fast and with a good API. We opted for Trello after some fruitful Twitter research and tests. Getting data out of Basecamp Classic is pretty […]

Elroy And The Aliens

At Motiviti, we are finally announcing Elroy And The Aliens – our boldest project so far. An adventure game with a humorous plot, fun puzzles and a pinch of action. Like us on Facebook to follow our development at facebook.com/elroythegame. Also, you can follow us on Twitter at @elroythegame.

Indie Games and Innovation

When Sony announced the PS4 a few days ago, we saw more of the same – more power, more polygons and higher reliance on visual verisimilitude – but this time with a share button. As videogame researcher Ian Bogost put it shortly after the event (tldr): A first-person shooter is a first-person shooter. A driving sim […]

Does Clusivity Affect the Way We Think?

English, like most languages across Europe and Africa, lacks what linguists call clusivity, the distinction between inclusive and exclusive first-person pronouns. When you say “We are going to a bar later tonight” in English, the person you are talking to doesn’t know whether the we includes them or not. At least not without additional context. In contrast, […]

Base URL in ASP.Net MVC3 / Razor

If you are doing AJAX calls inside a MVC3 applications (with Razor), you will frequently need to know the base URL of the site. Especially if you are using non-standard port numbers, using Request.Url.Authority appears like a good lead at first.

Visit the new Motiviti

We have redesigned and relaunched the Motiviti website to make it easier for us to share our excitement about the projects we are working on.

The Gamification Fallacy

There is an important difference between having fun and exhibiting predictably irrational behavior.

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