Ambush Journalism in Davos

At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, the (in-)famous blogger Robert Scoble was walking around with a Nokia camera phone doing impromptu interviews with people like Marc Benioff, Tim O’Reilly and Rick Warren (who runs the largest church in the US, btw) and streaming the videos live to Qik.

While I do find the way he ambushes people with a “you’re live on the internet” scare quite amusing (look at the video below with Michael Dell), I would rather have him do a quality interview with some of these people using a decent camera – I don’t mind waiting a couple of minutes for him to sync the video to see it online.

I agree that live video streaming for everyone is a very useful enabling technology, but just not very much so in this particular field. A clear case of using technology for technology’s sake.

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