Web Tech Acquisitions in 2007

Steve Nielsen created an extensive list of notable M&A’s in 2007.

Here is the link.

For me, among the most interesting were:

Of course 2008 is bound to be exciting in this regard as well – this post suggests 5 possible acquisition targets:

A lot of people (including me, I guess) would add Digg as well, although it’s been holding its hand up in the M&A class for quite a while now already … ;)

And according to The Drama 2.0 Show,

Web 2.0 darling Digg has reportedly retained investment bank Allen & Company to find a buyer. Asking price? A cool $300 million. As noted at Mashable, nearly all of the obvious potential buyers have reportedly expressed little to no interest in Kevin Rose’s baby previously and despite the Christmas spirit, nobody seems generous enough to make Kevin a $60 million kid (idiot editors at BusinessWeek notwithstanding).


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