The Blue Ocean Value Curve

* I have recently noticed that this post has come to rank quite highly in Google and thus felt I needed to add some clarification, given the fact that a lot of readers do not seem to have understood the underlying sarcasm and the message it is trying to convey. This blog is aimed towards entrepreneurs and as such views this book as a potential time waster – even though larger organizations might benefit from its (however inconcise) message. As it is often talked about in entrepreneurial circles, I thought I’d give it a mention. For a more relevant list of reading material, please look at my list of Recommended Business Books.


Inspired by the terrific insightfulness of Blue Ocean Strategy, I have tried to capture the gist
of the book by comparing its own value curve to that of your conventional marketing business handbook.

Blue Ocean Value Curve

On the x-axis, you see a set of values the books bring to the reader, on the y-axis their strengths.

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It is quite evident that marketing book A and marketing book B go down the usual path of trying to compete with similar emphasis on the individual value points, while Blue Ocean Strategy completely innovates the value curve and creates a blue ocean of uncontested market space for itself.


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  • tj April 27, 2008 

    Sorry, I think from all the time you spent trying to be clever on your graph you missed a chance at a worthy analysis.
    Why would one want to stay along the same path of competitors? Why look around at other ways to grab market share?
    Hummm, sad attempt to give an overview of the book…boy did you miss an opportunity to say something smart and relevant.

  • Tadej Gregorcic April 27, 2008 


    I never intended this to be more than tease, I thought it was clear.

    But anyway – now that I’m reading your (very welcome) comment, I could’ve made the attention more worthwhile.

    I did say in another post that I liked the ideas and it’s perfectly clear to me how changing the emphasis on the value curve can benefit a company and its customers.

    And while I’m re-reading this the n-th time – it’s not a marketing book at all, at least not in the usually perceived sense.

    What I did feel while listening to the Blue Ocean Strategy audio book, though, was that it could have been considerably shorter, given the amount of actionable material it presents.

    And I am perfectly OK with people arguing the statement above.

    I like the one idea in the book, it’s simple and useful – but the rest is just a series of examples of the same thing and a lot of what I felt was repetitive indoctrination, hence bullshit.

    Thanks again and if you get a chance, I’d love to hear some recommendations along the same path.

  • Techy Bastard February 4, 2009 

    It’s not a marketing book though it’s business strategy.

  • Tadej Gregorcic February 6, 2009 

    Yes, but marketing is an important part of it … and I think discrete classification doesn’t carry much more importance than shelf placement here …

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