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Language Learning in 2010

Beispiele deutscher Beschilderungen in Namibia. Collage von Bildern aus Windhuk, Outjo, Swakopmund und Lüderitz. Samples of German signs in Namibia. Collage of photos from Windhoek, Outjo, Swakopmund and Lüderitz.Image via Wikipedia

I’ve just received another newsletter from Transparent Language advertising their Video Immersion Software and it got me thinking.

I’ve always been very interested in language learning and finding new ways of doing it more effectively. What I currently see as the main issues of this increasingly important process are:

  • Time consumption – it takes considerable time to make significant process in learning grammar, scripts, pronunciation and building a solid vocabulary
  • Context switching – learning a new language usually means stopping whatever you are doing, sitting down and starting to think about things largely disconnected from your everyday activities – in my opinion, this is a significant »barrier to entry« for most people

The entire process often consists of the following steps (in this or a slightly modified order):

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