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My 2015 in review

I spent most of 2015 in the dugout working on stuff that’ll come to fruition in 2016. But a few highlights stood out and this a good time to reflect and get some perspective (mostly for the sake of my own sanity and motivation).


PocketGamer Connects in London, met a lot of awesome gamedev folks, got featured by AppSpy.


Launched icp.org with North Kingdom and the International Center of Photography in NYC.


The awesome Reboot Develop in Dubrovnik, made new gamedev friends, played football with Charles Cecil, Rami Ismail, Dan Da Rocha & co.

Exhibited Elroy, got nominated for most creative game at the conference.


Moved to my new apartment in Maribor and made lots of progress on Elroy.


Elroy got greenlit on Steam within a week.


Best summer ever.


Gave a talk at the Slovenian Games Conference.

Won “Best Indie Game” at same conference.

Mentored Slovenian startups, participated in a national grant selection process.


Joined the advisory board of CEGC (Central European Games Conference).

Elroy got his first oil painting made by Yeve and exhibited in Prague.


Gave a talk about narrative, design and indie game development at the university in Ljubljana.

Got featured in a Maribor startup culture promo video along with some famous locals.

Got my first official song lyrics credit on a music album.


Global Game Jam in January.

Working hard on Elroy and the Aliens, which will finally get its release.

Looking forward to showing and promoting the hell out of Elroy.

Got talks accepted at two conferences so far.

Continue work coding, designing and writing videogames.

Less busywork and more productivity.


So, what do you think ?