Move Your Multimedia Content to S3

In order to save me some trouble from my hosting provider, I recently decided to move all my multimedia content to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service.

Scalable and affordable serving of large files to an expanding number of visitors indeed has become a commodity, as a GB of storage per month costs only $0.15, with $0.18 per GB for the first TB of transfered data (check all the prices here).

What you need for a simple start is:

  1. Sign up for Amazon Web Services (link)
  2. Under Your web services account, you will find you AWS Access Identifiers
  3. Save your Access Key ID (public) and your secret access key somewhere safe
  4. Get a tool like Bucket Explorer, which servers as a UI for S3 (buckets are like folders in S3)
  5. Sign in with your keys
  6. Start uploading content and setting access rights

Once you’ve given read access for All users to a file within a bucket, it will become available from a web browser/service at such an address:

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