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Endangered Languages & Technology

My TEDxLjubljana talk from last November is finally online and if you like languages and don’t mind spending a few minutes on it, you can watch it below (in Slovenian). I have already written about the topic in a previous blog post here.

Linguistics is a big hobby of mine so it’s always exciting for me when people let me talk about it for a whole 15 minutes :).

The presentation touches upon the latest developments in mainstream language technology and how all of this matters to “minor” languages.

The video is also available on the TEDxLjubljana site.

And here are the slides in English again:


  • mpelko |

    Thanks again for the talk! Sorry it took some time to get it published. We're working on being faster for the next editions.

  • mpelko |

    Hope so, this time the speakers even have rehearsal. I won't make it myself either, though, I'm in Lausanne now. But there might be streaming!

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