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Game Design For a Better World

According to Jane McGonigal, reality is broken and game designers can fix it.

Jane points out four important characteristics of gamers that can make a difference when put to use in real life:

  • blissful productivity
  • urgent optimism
  • tight social fabric
  • epic meaning

Watch this amazing TED talk and don’t forget to check out Avantgame’s latest inspiring project, Evoke.

EVOKE trailer (a new online game) from Alchemy on Vimeo.


  • Arman |

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Very cool. I like McGonigal’s book a lot. Coincidentally, I just got a one hour Freshman hronos course approved for the fall that i am going to teach at the University of Memphis, that goes like: Realty is BrokenAre you ready to play? Reality is Broken: Why Games Make us Better and How They Can Change the World by Jane McGonigal argues that the solutions to hunger, disease, global warming, and military conflict can be discovered through video, online, and board games. In this course students will read and discuss McGonigal’s book, investigate the wide array of games currently available that address critical needs of our culture, and play some of those games. For the class project students will create the framework for a game that helps address a pressing social issue in Memphis. Now I really don’t know that much about gaming but I see the class more as an opportunity to empower and provide a setting where Freshman can get together grow their existing skills.I have focused primarily on board games like Pandemic, Forbidden Island, and the like and look forward to the more digital end of things.Thanks for posting about this.Robert

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